Urban Oasis and Vegan Drinks

After walking into Live Alive, located only a short walk from Central Square on Mass Ave. I could see why it is dubbed an “Urban Oasis”. Life Alive is a sanctuary for any person looking to escape the harshness of New England’s short-tempered, caffeine-fueled hustle and bustle…not to mention this fair city’s constantly blaring horns.

High shelves that cling to the walls hold potted plants and assorted vegetation. The place has an eastern philiosphy/spirituality vibe as demonstrated by the impressionist like portraits of Siddhartha Gautama (the guy Buddhists dig) posted on the orange and yellow stucco textured walls. The seating arrangements are wooden booths and tables with an additional counter facing large arching windows.  There is a plethora of literature with titles that would intrigue anyone looking to flex their third eye: “Dream Dictionary,” “Prophet Innovation,” “Flow of Art,” and many more.

The mission statement painted on the wall perfectly suits the hip(pie) watering hole: ” To make healthy and luscious eating possible in a busy world. To awaken and feed people’s senses, thoughts and spirits. To contribute to and promote holistic sustainability. To inspire connection and foster a vibrant community. To help people tap into infinite vitality. To share love, joy, beauty and pleasure.”

Life Alive’s menu is broad, and everything                                                                           seems healthy enough to tack a few years onto your life.  It is divided up into sections: Salads, Simple Snacks, Fresh Fantastic Food, Grilled Tortilla Wraps, as well as Special Soups and Sides.  Everything is in the $5 to $10 dollar range.  I got a salad labeled “The Warrior,” the menu description reads: “An iron-rich protein powerhouse of red lentil hummus with tofu, peppitas, carrots and spring greens, all rewarded by our sensational Sweet Miso sauce.”  The salad was excellent and packed with a green-leafy taste.  The hummus (always a favorite) complimented the salad perfectly and there was a nice crunchy feel to the whole thing.

Because the event was after all Vegan Drinks, I decided to get a beer.  Their four options were Lake Front New Grist Original Gluten Free Beer, Eel River Organic IPA, Avery Karma Belgian Ale, as well as Dogfish Head Raison D’Etre.  I chose the Dogfish Head.  It was dark and satisfying and supposedly contained beet sugar, raisins, and belgian-style yeast.

Downstairs was where Vegan Drinks took place. Stephanie, who has been in Boston for five years started the group/event in order for Beantown vegans to congregate and socialize: “We know vegans are out there and it’s a good way to meet each other.” Vegan Drinks did not originate in Boston. According to Stephanie it got its start in New York and is present in other cities such as D.C. and San Francisco.

Throughout the night people sat and talked and enjoyed their food that was brought to them by the congenial staff.  There was at least twenty people in attendance, all in different groups chatting away about a range of topics from school, to comic books, to upcoming events, such as Nick Cooney, author of Change of Heart doing a talk at Grasshopper this Sunday, February 20th.

Everyone seemed to enjoy their food.  One Vegan Drinks attendee stated, “I’m making my way through the menu and I haven’t had a bad thing yet.”  I would be surprised if this vegan haven did not garner a loyal following.

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3 Responses to Urban Oasis and Vegan Drinks

  1. David Coman-Hidy says:

    Thanks for the coverage! It was a great time. I’m looking forward to next month’s Vegan Drinks already!

  2. Ryan says:

    Thanks for the great story. See you at next month’s Vegan Drinks!

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