South of the Border: VegBoston visits RI! Wildflour!

On one of those  almost spring but still terribly dark and dismal New England days, I decided to head out for what I always conceived as Boston’s little, less exciting, but easily accessible brother: Providence Rhode Island. Approximately an hour away by route of 95-South, Providence offers a few sweet spots for vegans to chow down. South of the Border will be a sporadic installment on this blog that will cover decent vegan places outside of the Boston area!

Wildflour Vegan Bakery and Juice Bar

In an earlier post, when I was first getting this blog off the ground I mentioned a vegan cupcake I tasted at an h2o show at Club Hell, and how delectable it was. The source of said cupcake was from the proprietor of a soon to be open vegan bakery, and since December 21st that vegan bakery aka Wildflour, has been doing straight up cruelty-free business for those with both a sweet tooth and an affinity for health.

In Pawtucket Rhode Island, on the border of Providence, Wild Flour serves up some of the greatest vegan cupcakes, brownies, cookies, cakes, breads, and many other goodies, with a plethora of gluten-free options!

I went with a chocolate peanut butter cup as well as a chocolate peanut butter brownie. The peanut butter cup had dense chocolate outside with a creamy peanut butter filling and thick frosting (none of that overly sweet light-as-air stuff found in traditional bakeries) on top, with bits of peanuts sprinkled on it. I’m really not doing this thing justice, but I figure I’d attempt to get you to salivate enough so you will hop on 95-South and get some for yourself!

The chocolate peanut butter brownie was delicious as well. It had that same dense and moist characteristic of the peanut butter cup and it was packed with flavor! Both of these deserts should probably not be called “vegan substitutes” because such a name implies a connotation that it is the next to best thing. This is untrue for Wildflour, vegan or not this joint can rival any bakery from Federal Hill to the North End.

Besides deserts, Wildflour also specializes in beverages. They have a whole list of coffees, chais, and even vegan hot chocolate. Besides the usual café like drinks they have “Zhena’s Gypsy Teas”, norwalk press juices, fruit smoothies, “organic herbal tonics + add ins”. I was unsure as to what the herbal tonics exactly were, but I’m sure they serve some purpose in which the staff can fill you in on.

Jacquelyn (spelling?!?!?) whom I presume is the owner, was gracious enough to explain to me what the norwalk press was. Unfortunately my vague understanding does not allow me to translate what she said word for word, but from what I understood is these juices are squooshed out of the fruit and there is no oxidation process, which allows for a fresher juice that retains its freshness for a longer period of time-I’m sorry if that makes little to no sense, but all you have to know is: norwalk press = wicked fresh!  Jacquelyn showed me the press (below) and I was able to taste some of the pineapple juice.

Before she handed it to me she confidently stated, “Dole has nothing on that” and well…she was right. It was pineapple juice, that tasted like…pineapple…delicious fresh pineapple!

Please come and get your vegan sweets, juices, and other assorted foods and beverages at Wildflour. The staff is nice and it’s great to see another start up establishment that exists independently of corporate interests. By supporting Wildflour, especially in it’s spring years, you can show mainstream culture that veganism is here to stay and that it is more than a temporary alternative!

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One Response to South of the Border: VegBoston visits RI! Wildflour!

  1. Jeska says:

    very cool review, i can’t wait to check this place out.

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