South of the Border Part Two: Nice Slice

Nice Slice sits towards the end of the end of Thayer Street, a quarter mile strip of bars, restaurants, and stores encompassed by Brown University buildings and student housing. On weekend nights, gangs of people who vary from students, to hipsters, to regular suburbanites looking for a change of scenery, will inhabit Thayer, walking up and down, milling about, talking and shouting, just being there for no particular reason.

Nice Slice provides that reason to come to Thayer, to be one of the strip’s weekend guests, and feel like a trip to the miniature replica of a city known as Providence, was not completely pointless. Because when it comes to Nice Slice, they reign supreme (well at least pretty freakin’ good) in the realm of vegan pizza.

The interior of Nice Slice is lively and far from outdated.  Its walls are adorned with artwork from graffiti artist/graphic design icon Shepard Fairey, who at one point called Providence home when he attended Rhode Island School of Design. The seating arrangements are comprised of a few tall circular tables, a couple of counters with stools, and a small outdoor front porch area that is perfect for inconspicuous people watching.

Nice Slice is far from a vegan establishment, fortunately they do accommodate the cruelty-free crowd, and do a damn good job at it. They have seven different vegan slices to choose from (quoted from menu):

  • Earth Crisis: spinach, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, sauce and cheese
  • Phon Roni: pepperoni, sauce, and cheese
  • BBQ of Buffalo Chicken: bbq or spicy buff sauce, chicken
  • Chicken Broccoli: with creamy vegan ranch, chicken, brocoli
  • Sausage Special: sausage, onion, mushroom
  • Phylly Cheese Steak: steak, gr. & red peppers, onions, & shrooms
  • Chipotle Meatball: meatballs, onion, spicey chipotle pesto

They also give you the option to build your own pizza with any veggies, sauces, and meat substitutes–phoni roni, chicken, meatball, bacon, sausage, steak.

Besides pie, Nice Slice also offers an array of sandwiches, which according to the menu can be made vegan using the cheese and meat substitutes. As for beverages, there are the standard high-fructose corn syrup major brands, but also more obscure sodas that one could not find at Dominos or Papa Gino’s. They also do bike deliveries for those who live close by.

With the great food, good vibe, affordable pricing, fast service, and casual and friendly staff, if you are a fan of vegan pizza, Nice Slice is a win, win, win, win, win, and a must-visit for anyone who finds their way south of the Massachusetts border…

Nice Slice

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One Response to South of the Border Part Two: Nice Slice

  1. liz hafey says:

    I’m very hungry after reading this……PIZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAAAA!….I wish I had time to go! one day!

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