Veganism is no spectator sport. To thoroughly give up animal products, one has to get dirty and do some serious digging, find out what every day, inconspicuous items are built on the backs or from the hides of animals. Like all human beings riddled with hormones, vegans harken the cry of copulation, but to follow the veg lifestyle in toto, you must come to the realization that even the sex industry sneaks animal products into its goods; this is especially true with contraceptives.

Good Vibrations is an international sex store with five west coast locations in northern California and one in Brookline’s Coolidge Corner. Good Vibes is Boston’s most tasteful and well-lit sex store, an arena where it is right to be risqué, and it is not imperative to look over your shoulder or don a disguise just to browse for goods that cater to sexual sensibilities, but most importantly, it is a proud purveyor of vegan condoms.

When most people learn that condoms are not vegan, they usually act surprised and at times are flustered, but always curious as to why they are not veg-friendly. According to Coyote Days, the “Purchasing Manager” for Good Vibrations, most condoms are made with caseine, a dairy derivative, rather than pure latex, a material that the Medical Device Index website (, says comes from the rubber tree, Hevea brasiliensis.

Vegans need not despair, for safe sex is a fair game, and certain brands have made a conscious effort to exclude animal products. Glyde condoms, as mentioned in a previous post (see: Veg Erotic Draws Issues) are a leader in the field. The company started production in 1996, and according to their website, they substitute caseine with, “a vegetable extract taken from the thistle family.” Glyde is also registered with The Vegan Society, an education and charity organization based in the U.K.

Good Vibrations also carries the Sir Richards brand as well as Kimono from Japan, both of which are vegan. Not only is sensation not sacrificed, but neither is price; the Brookline store sells the contraceptives for a dollar each. While some might be leery about the inexpensiveness of something so vitally quality-worthy, Days explains that price has little to do with durability and that all condoms are FDA regulated and undergo, “A lot of endurance testing.”

Good Vibes also stocks other vegan goods, all you have to do is type “vegan” into the search bar of their website and a profusion of items turn up, from a whole slue of lubricants (ironically one is “BaconLube”), dental dams, and even a vibrating corsette harness (enjoy!).

Days also claims that the feathers used in Good Vibration’s products do not come from birds that were singularly killed for that purpose. Good Vibes also carries Cherry Bombin’ wrist restraints, a product that Days personally attests to, “I really love her restraints, they are fashionable, they are comfortable,” she says in a phone interview from her California office.   Cherry Bombin’ is a company based out of Phoenix, Arizona that makes wallets, wrist bands, belts, bicycle accessories, clothing and other goods from recycled bicycle tubes. Days lets on that within the upcoming months, there will be two new products added to the roster from Cherry Bombin’, a result from a collaborative effort with Good Vibrations.

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